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Can Artificial Intelligence Replace Real Writers?

Real human typing your blog post, not Artificial Intelligence!

We want it now. We want it effortlessly. So we look to shortcuts to reach our goals. Artificial Intelligence is one of those shortcuts.

Have you noticed how obsessed the world has become with the instant gratification technology delivers?

When we take shortcuts, we still expect to get the best results. Shortcuts are the new normal to get the job done, especially when it comes to communicating with each other.

We shoot a quick text instead of having a conversation.

We leave comments on social media instead of looking each other in the eye.

And now, some businesses are using Artificial Intelligence (AI) as a shortcut to writing materials for them in hopes of saving time and effort.

How Does Artificial Intelligence, AI Create Content?

A human tells AI what it would like the program to do, such as, “I’d like a 500-word article about effective marketing tools for small businesses. I’d like to include the keywords ‘networking’ and ‘target audience’ in the piece.”

AI then casts a wide net, fishing for ideas based on your request. It will do its best to put together a piece of writing that sounds like a human wrote it, but its sole focus is to deliver general content to you.

The Problems with Using Artificial Intelligence, AI for Writing

Sure, computers are great at capturing algorithms and recognizing trending searches, but translating that information into a cohesive piece of writing designed specifically for you? Not so much.

AI, Artificial Intelligence is a Computer, Not a Human

Your job as a business owner is to connect with your customers. To show them you “see” them, understand them, and you can deliver. You want to reach your clients not just by cranking out calculated content that shows you are relevant. The job of AI is to skim the surface and bring you back keywords and phrases that are, well, robotic. Humans build trust. Computers don’t.

AI Does Not Know Your Audience

You spend time listening to what your customers are saying. There are no magical shortcuts to arrive at this long-term foundation. Sure, AI can look at the numbers and ranking and bring you back computer-generated phrases related to your topic. Still, your audience – the people you’ve worked so hard to build relationships with – will wonder where the heart is if you use AI-generated writing for your business. Your audience is smart, and they will wonder where you went.

AI Does Not Save You Time

People who use AI to generate their writing materials think it will save them time, but the opposite ends up being true. We’ve all been in situations where we take a shortcut to save time, and it ends up creating more work. The same goes for using AI for writing. Yes, it captures a lot of the top-ranking content for you to slap onto your blog, but you then have to go back and figure out how to mold that forced content into your business’s voice, style and tone.

It’s like someone giving you a pair of pants. Yay! Pants! But they are not your size or color, so you spend even more time mending them and trying to talk yourself into liking them than the time you would have spent just getting the pants for yourself.

Would an AI program deliver a random metaphor about pants like this? No way.

A Shortcut that Actually Works for Writing

Thankfully, there are knowledgeable, real human writers, who are passionate about writing for you. Writing is no joke. The internet is a noisy place where ranking and numbers can be THE thing people chase, but that chase is short-lived, and the shallow content dies an early death.

I’m interested in your long-term success, which means providing quality over quantity. You can have AI churn out several articles for your business. But, your customers can sense when they are reading nothing more than a formulaic sales pitch.

What’s better is asking a professional writer who easily navigates the world of writing and connecting with others to take the wheel for you.

I do this, and I’ve done it for years. I’m not a computer. I’m better, and your business deserves better. I do the job with a cup of coffee in my human hands and your audience and goals in my mind as I research and craft your piece for you.

Reach out to me, so I can learn more about the business you’ve put so much of yourself into. It’s the one shortcut that actually works because it puts human hearts and brains to work to connect.

There’s no faking that.,