Copy Cat

Website Copy and Content Writing Services Bluffton SC

When you’re working with someone who’s building a website for you, they may ask you to provide the copy or content for that site. You might agree, thinking that you can do that. The fact is, most of us are so busy running our business that we don’t have the time to dedicate to this task, even if we understand what’s required!

Copy Cat is here to help! We write original copy, based on you and your business, to complete your website project. Your cost for this service is charged per page. We do a discovery call, at no cost, to determine how many pages you will need, based on your web design.

Not sure if you need a refresh on your website? Let’s do a website audit and make sure your website is working for you! We can help with your existing website, or work to create one from scratch. We’ll work with you and your web designer to bring about the best result for you and your business!

Contact me to get started.